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Is your website working for you?

Well it ought to be! My name is Anthony DeCarolis, and I’m a web designer working out of Boston, MA. I specialize in the design & development of functional and engaging websites that keep your viewers interested in what you have to say – seamlessly integrating aesthetics and usability to provide the best online experience possible. Your website makes a statement about you or your company; make sure you are sending the right message.
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Should form really follow function?

The late nineteenth century architect Louis Sullivan coined the term in 1896, and to this day it is a principle that designers live and die by. On the web however, I would suggest a slightly different argument; form and function are one in the same. Your users ultimately do not care about one or the other on its own, but they do care about their online experience as a whole. Was the site easy to navigate? Was it aesthetically pleasing? Did I find everything I needed? Was the content relevant? These are the things that users will be asking themselves, and what will bring them back to your site again in the future.

All of these items should be taken into consideration when building a website because they work together to create that rich user experience viewers are seeking. In a time when a web presence is no longer a commodity, but a necessity to compete, my job is to make sure that your website is one that users will keep coming back to, and I do my job well. Take a look around my Web Gallery to see some of my recent work, and feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in speaking with me. I design, I develop, I consult and I love it all.
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