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100 Faces of New England

January 3, 2009

As you may know I am an avid photographer, and many of my photos are of urban or natural settings, however I also love photographing people but usually don’t have the courage to ask anyone if they would mind a quick snapshot. As both a solution to this problem, and a great idea for a photo project, I have decided to begin a series of photos that consist of 100 images of different people from around New England.

Not only will this give me a chance to use my Nikon D80 which I have hardly had time to do since purchasing it in fall 2007, but it will also give me a chance and reason to practice photographing people. I have recently had a lot of time on my hands, and I want to take the opportunity to travel around New England in search of interesting faces. I want to try and get a wide range of different faces as well, some young, some old, male and female, all different races, etc. In the end I will narrow down the top five or ten photos for the finished products, but I will not delete any of them.

Meeting all the people and traveling to all the places will surely be an experience I will not soon forget, and I look forward to beginning the project in the early spring this year as no one really walks around outside in winter. Hopefully I will make some new friends, find new places that I will enjoy for years to come, and if everything goes as well as I hope, get some excellent photos along the way.

* This idea was partly influenced by one of my favorite photographers Diane Arbus, if you haven’t seen her photos you’ve got to check them out:

And it was partly by a favorite deviantArt member of mine Nullermanden which you can view his page HERE, he is also well worth your time to check out. Wish me luck and perhaps I will meet you and take your photo someday.

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