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Free High-Res Textures for Photoshop

June 1, 2011

As you have probably noticed, one of the break-out styles in web (and print) design throughout 2009 was the “Grunge” look. Less structured looking, chaotic and textured elements strewn about a web page to create the sense of a grungy or dirty look. Ranging from a desk scene, with coffee stains and paper clips lining the page, to a dirty crumpled paper bag, designers have gone in a million different directions with it.

No matter what direction you are taking, the textures you use throughout your elements are going to play a big role in its success. As a designer who has experimented with grunge elements in the past, I can tell you first hand that second-rate, pixelated or poorly done textures are only going to hurt your work. So when I came across the following page, I thought it could be a great resource. has listed several sources of high resolution textures and supporting images in one place, including photographic textures and purely abstract “grunge” textures. You can find the page at:

Adding these textures to any text, web page, poster, etc. can give it that little edge and push it over the top from a good design, to a great design. Enjoy!

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